Mt. Kenya

Mt. Kenya

WordCamp Kenya is a conference about the world’s most popular blogging software WordPress. Developers, designers and users will come together for talks and workshops related to WordPress and to publishing on the web, and to network.

The first WordCamp in Kenya was held in 2011 in Naivasha with 215 people attending, the second at Maanzoni Lodge in 2012 which saw a bigger attendance, better sessions and great result – in fact, WordCamp Kenya’s official Twitter harsh tag #WCKE was a worldwide trend on the first day of the event. This is a WordCamp first, the second first from Kenya – the first one being the fact that we are the only WordCamp in the world that has taken place at a real campsite. WordCamp covers all aspects of blogging, social media and digital publishing.

WordCamp Kenya 2013 will be held in Nanyuki, at another camping site at the foot of Mt. Kenya. Since 2011, WordCamp Kenya has become the official getaway for the bloggers and developers and they come back equipped with something they did not have before. It is a great learning experience.

2013 Theme: Proudly Kenyan!
Responsible Blogging and Positive Social Media Influence was our theme for last year – we were heading to the first elections since 2007 and the crisis that followed it. It was a place that we preached peace, made commitment to spread peace and not hate. We successfully achieved this and we had, to the surprise of the entire world, peaceful elections and a smooth transition of power.

This is the year that Kenya celebrates 50 years of independence and we believe that Kenya is what it is today because of the contribution of each one of us, it is our joy, it is our pride. We are proudly Kenyan. So this makes our 2013 theme! “Proudly Kenyan” and we shall tell the world of all the things that make Kenya unique.

We shall focus on using WordPress for marketing and proudly showcasing what Kenya is to the entire world. We shall highlight great marketing plugins that help your blog move fast to the top of the search results.

There will be definitely developer tracks and we shall have practical workshops on theme and plugin development. There shall be case studies and we shall all come back better equipped.

This is also WordPress’ 10th anniversary and yes, we shall celebrate it at WordCamp Kenya 2013.

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